Core values can often sound like generic consultant speak developed in a vacuum, or empty words disconnected from the individual decisions each of us make as a part of our day to day work. Below is our attempt to characterize the values that drive us as a business and guide our actions as we serve our clients and interact with candidates.



Most of the time our team will be interacting with you remotely, but regardless of our geographic location, we promise to work diligently, to sweat the small stuff, and to go the extra mile to serve you and deliver a positive candidate experience. Even on vacation, we are still in touch with our clients and candidates.

Treat others the way you want to be treated

The "golden rule" can radically change the way you interact with people. For our clients that means we strive to take an owner's perspective, to anticipate your needs, and to respond ASAP when you call or email. For candidates it means we believe each individual is created with inherent dignity and worth, regardless of education or compensation, and should be treated as such.


Transparency fosters trust, and trust fosters flourishing. We go out of our way to make sure you can see what we are doing, how we are doing it, and how much it costs. Transparency also means telling the truth, even when it might be hard to hear. But transparency also needs to be reciprocated. We expect our clients to tell us the truth about their company, its culture and its financial picture.


We all have different roles and responsibilities in the various spheres of our lives. We are husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, employee and employer, client and service provider. Whatever the role or relational context, we strive to be accountable for all that we have been entrusted with and the work we have been given to do.


The best recruiters are naturally curious and not afraid to ask questions of clients and candidates. Curiosity enables us to learn your business and tell your story effectively. Curiosity is the drive and hunger to source candidates and hunt down purple squirrels. Curiosity leads to the "why" behind a candidate's interest, their motivations, and uncovering any potentially negative issues on the front end.


We have decades of experience under our collective belts, and we know a thing or two about recruiting, but we don't pretend to have all of the answers, especially when we don't. Being teachable kind of goes hand in hand with being curious, but it requires a certain humility to say "I don't know", to admit when you have made a mistake, and better yet to learn from it.


When we work together with our team, our clients or candidates, we are essentially working with people, processes and systems. Inevitably, these people (including ourselves), processes and systems begin to display symptoms of brokenness that lead to some sort of disagreement or conflict. To be redemptive is to see this conflict as an opportunity not a threat. By choosing redemptive action that leads to reconciliation, we believe relationships can be restored and strengthen, resulting in greater trust and mutual good.