affordable recruitment options FOR startups, entrepreneurs and growing small businesses

who we are

We are a different kind of recruiting firm. We are not a staffing agency, and we offer much more value than a traditional headhunter. We provide affordable recruitment options to startups, entrepreneurs and growing small businesses who need fractional to full time recruiting support

We partner with founders, owners and leadership teams to understand their hiring and recruiting challenges. We work together to develop solutions that make sense financially and help them find the right people to put in the right seats. We manage all of the candidates, processes, systems, communication, scheduling and administrative tasks so they can stay focused on growing and operating the business.

because finding the right people to put in the right seats IS A FULL TIME JOB, but you don't always need a full time recruiter


We want to be your internal recruiting team. We don’t just show up when you have a senior level position. We don't try to shoehorn you into a single service. We don't have a one size fits all fee structure. We give you options so you can choose the services that best fit your needs and your budget.

We got our start in contingency search, so we know how to hunt for passive candidates on individual open positions. But a few years ago we earned an opportunity to support a medium sized business as their Recruiting Manager. This engagement opened our eyes to corporate recruiting, and because we are always trying to innovate, we began applying this new experience to our work with smaller clients.

What we observed is that entrepreneurs and small businesses benefit greatly when their recruiting partner functions less like an outside agency and more like an internal recruiting team. In response to client feedback, we developed the Forrest Johnson approach to what the industry calls recruitment process outsourcing.


If you are considering a fractional to full time recruiting solution, let's schedule a 60 minute discovery session to see if we are a good fit for you. We won't be bringing a sales presentation to this meeting. Our main objective is to learn more about your hiring and recruiting needs, and to give you an opportunity to learn more about Forrest Johnson Recruiting.