contingency recruiting for growing companies

When your business is growing there's an energy, an excitement, and a hopeful expectation of beating your goals and realizing your strategic vision. But there is also stress, tension, and frustration when you can't find the talent you need fast enough. What recruiting challenges are you trying to overcome?

Need to Recruit Passive Candidates

Expanded Field Operations 150.png

Rapidly Expanding Field Operations

Short-Term Expansion of Recruiting Capacity

Urgent-to-Fill or Difficult-to-Fill Positions

What's your specialty? our answer is a little different

Instead of specializing in a functional area or a specific industry, we specialize in you. We become a student of your business and your industry, to understand your specific needs for talent and how to go to market with your employer brand story. In a crowded field of "off the rack" recruiting firms, we deliver recruiting services "tailored" for our clients.

there is something about having skin in the game

We offer two standard placement fee options for our contingency recruiting services. Contingency without Exclusivity puts more of the risk on us and includes a higher placement fee. Contingency with Exclusivity is a shared risk option, which we have found fosters much stronger partnerships and leads to greater recruiting success.



Without Exclusivity


1st Year Guaranteed Compensation


Hourly Retainer Contributing to the Placement Fee

With Exclusivity


1st Year Guaranteed Compensation


Hourly Retainer Contributing to the Placement Fee


our process starts with getting to know you

Recruiting is a relationship business. If you don't trust and enjoy the people you work with, then what's the point? That's why our process starts with getting to know you, your business, and your hiring challenges through a short "get to know you" call. If it make sense for us to take the conversation further, the next step is a discovery session.

Get to Know You Call

Discovery Session


Launch Search