contingency recruiting

Have you exhausted your other options to fill your open positions? We know companies don't go looking for reasons to use an outside recruiting firm. But when you can't afford to go another day without finding the right talent, contingency recruiting can be the best solution. What's driving your need for a contingency recruiter?


Need to Recruit from the Competition

Aggressive Growth Strategy

Difficult-to-Fill Positions

Just Need More Recruiting Capacity


What's your specialty? our answer is a little different

Instead of specializing in a functional area or a specific industry, we specialize in you. We become a student of your business, your industry, and your specific geographic market to understand your unique needs for talent and how to share your employer brand story. In a crowded field of "off the rack" recruiting firms, we deliver recruiting services "tailored" for our clients.


there is something about having skin in the game

We offer two standard placement fee options for our contingency recruiting services. Contingency without exclusivity puts more of the risk on us and includes a higher placement fee. Contingency with exclusivity is a shared risk option, which we have found fosters much stronger partnerships and leads to greater recruiting success. If you are looking for a lower cost option then you may be interested in Recruiting-as-a-Service


Without Exclusivity



1st Year Guaranteed Compensation


Engagement Fee

With Exclusivity



1st Year Guaranteed Compensation


Engagement Fee