we believe recruiting is a lot more like marketing than HR

Most marketing strategies have inbound and outbound tactics. Inbound leads from your website are less expensive and require less human capital than your outbound marketing campaigns and events. Sometimes you need one or the other. Sometimes you need both. Recruiting is no different, and this is a simple way to understand our service options.

Recruiting-as-a-Service is a lower cost, turn-key recruiting solu that manages your inbound applications. Contingency Recruiting is an outbound direct recruiting service with a more expensive traditional fee structure. 

recruiting-as-a-service and  contingency recruiting

Some businesses need a headhunter to help them recruit candidates who aren't currently looking or work for a competitor. While others need a more affordable, turn-key solution that makes it simpler to recruit and hire the talent they need. We offer both. Which option is right for you and your company?