recruiting-as-a-service for small & mid-sized Companies

You need the right people in the right seats to grow your business, but recruiting them and managing the hiring process can be a huge challenge. Recruiting-as-a-service is a turn-key managed recruitment solution that can help you overcome these challenges and make it simpler to recruit and hire the talent you need.

Find & Attract Top Talent

Outsource the Time Consuming Work

Deliver a Better Candidate Experience

Make Better Hiring Decisions

recruiting is a must-have skill for growing businesses

Businesses winning the battle for talent understand that recruiting is a must-have skill, and they have built recruiting machines that consistently deliver the talent they need. This takes time, technology, and skills you probably don't need 100% of the time. But when you need them, you really need them! That's where we come in. Recruiting-as-a-service helps you build a recruiting machine that can scale up or down as your recruiting needs change.

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Hiring Process



Employer Brand



Your Recruiting Machine

what do you actually get with RECRUITING-AS-A-SERVICE?

Recruiting-as-a-Service gives you the recruiting infrastructure (systems + processes) and scalable resources (people) necessary to consistently deliver the talent your business needs. It includes three component services: Managed Recruitment Operations, Targeted Sourcing & Recruiting, and Employer Branding.

Managed Recruitment Operations

  • Access to industry leading recruitment technology, including a managed applicant tracking system, training, and support
  • Managed job postings and published job ads for all your open positions
  • A scalable recruiting team, including Client Manager, Recruiters, and Recruiting Coordinator to review all incoming resumes, conduct initial phone screens, coordinate candidate interviews, and manage the hiring process

Targeted Sourcing & Recruiting

  • As-needed headhunter services for difficult-to-fill / urgent-to-fill positions or confidential replacements, including sourcing and recruiting of passive candidates

Employer Branding

  • Managed company career page
  • Monthly monitoring of Indeed and Glassdoor employer pages
  • As-needed recruitment marketing projects


If you think Recruiting-as-a-Service can help your business, schedule a short "get to know you" call.  If you decide it makes sense for us to take the conversation further, the next step is a discovery session and assessment of your current recruitment operations.

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