a managed recruitment solution for small & midsize Companies

You need the right people in the right seats to grow your business, but recruiting them and managing the hiring process can be a huge challenge. Recruiting-as-a-service is a turn-key managed recruitment solution that can help you overcome these challenges and make it simpler to recruit and hire the talent you need.

Improve the Quality of Your Candidate Pipeline

Outsource the Time Consuming Work

Deliver a Better Candidate Experience

Make Better Hiring Decisions

recruiting is a must-have skill for growing businesses

Businesses winning the battle for talent understand that recruiting is a must-have skill, and they have built recruiting machines that consistently deliver the talent they need. This takes time, technology, and expertise you probably don't need 100% of the time. But when you need them, you really need them! Recruiting-as-a-service helps you build and manage a recruiting machine of your own that provides the right amount of recruiting support when you need it.

Does your business have an effective recruiting machine?


Recruiting-as-a-Service gives you the recruiting infrastructure (systems + processes) and scalable resources (people) necessary to consistently deliver the talent your business needs. It includes three component services: Managed Recruitment Operations, Targeted Sourcing & Recruiting, and Employer Branding.

Managed Recruitment Operations

  • Access to industry leading recruitment technology, including a managed applicant tracking system, training, and support
  • Managed job postings and published job ads for all your open positions
  • A scalable recruiting team, including Client Manager, Recruiters, and Recruiting Coordinator to review all incoming resumes, conduct initial phone screens, coordinate candidate interviews, and manage the hiring process

Targeted Sourcing & Recruiting

  • As-needed headhunter services for difficult-to-fill / urgent-to-fill positions or confidential replacements, including sourcing and recruiting of passive candidates

Employer Branding

  • Managed company career page
  • Monthly monitoring of Indeed and Glassdoor employer pages
  • As-needed recruitment marketing projects


If you think Recruiting-as-a-Service can help your business, schedule a short "get to know you" call.  If you decide it makes sense for us to take the conversation further, the next step is a discovery session and assessment of your current recruitment operations.

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