You’ve built an effective sales & marketing machine to keep your sales pipeline full. Recruiting-as-a-Service (RaaS) helps you build and manage an effective recruiting machine to keep your talent pipeline full. Designed for startups and growing small to mid-market businesses, RaaS delivers a private label, managed recruitment solution via a scalable, virtual recruitment team.


Keep Your Funnel Full

Improve the Quality of Your Pipeline

Stop Wasting Time Screening Candidates & Managing the Process

Make Better Hiring Decisions


The What

Recruiting is not a transaction. It’s a process. “Recruiting Machine” is a simple way to describe the people, processes, systems and strategies necessary to create and drive that process. We use the 8 Essential Components of an Effective Recruiting Machine as a framework to help you build and manage yours.


The Why

Recruiting has become a must-have skill for companies of every size and stage of growth. Businesses who are winning the battle for talent understand this truth and invest in the people, processes, systems and strategies needed to build a recruiting machine that consistently delivers the talent they need today and in the future.



Recruiting-as-a-Service delivers the recruiting processes, technology platforms, capacity and expertise necessary to consistently recruit and hire the talent you need to grow.


Managed Process

  • Creation and management of a purposeful hiring process, from posting the job and publishing job ads to extending the offer

  • Resume screening and initial phone / video interviews

  • Interview coordination for hiring managers

  • Design and delivery of a positive candidate experience

Leading Technology

  • Access to industry leading recruitment technology platforms, including an applicant tracking system with training and support for you and your team

  • Managed company career site as well as company pages on popular job boards

  • Options for integrated assessments, reference and background checking tools

Expert Team

  • Scalable team of recruiting experts, including a Client Manager, Recruiters, and Recruiting Coordinator

  • Candidate profile and scorecard development

  • Recruitment marketing strategy

  • Employer branding

  • Regular recruiting calls